Ice cream, swimming pools, icy drink! They are stuffs which you can easily catch a glimpse of when you go down the street in a hot summer day. And in the recent years, you can also see many people lying on a waterbed mattress at home reading some books and enjoy “ a cool summer”.

What Is Waterbed Mattress?

People are often familiar with the concept of foam mattresses, rubber mattresses, spring mattresses. Waterbed mattress is a new invention which is created to satisfy the demands for cooling down of many people when summer heat strikes.

The composition of the product is clearly manifested through its name. This is a mattress that has a special function:  Cooling the body with the amount of water contained inside the exterior made of waterproof cloth.

Benefits Of Using Waterbed Mattress


The answer when being asked about the benefits of waterbed mattress is absolutely the cooling function. With the water contained inside, you can easily enjoy the coolness and ease the unpleasant feeling caused by a hot sunny day.

More Dynamic

Lying on a cool waterbed mattress helps the heart contract and the blood circulate in a more harmonious and stable way. Thus, the body can gain  more energy as well as get rid of the feeling of tired and lethargic after practicing in the gym or the hard working hours.


When hearing the name of this mattress, you may feel like that it is very expensive. But the truth doesn’t turn out this way. Many types of waterbed mattress are sold on the market with affordable price.

The Lurking Threats


Users who sleep  all night on a waterbed may experience chills. Waterbed are even more dangerous for children under 6 years old as at this age, the child’s respiratory system is not complete. Lying for a long time can lead to respiratory infections.

Materials of the exterior are usually plastic mixed fabric which seems to be unable to absorb sweat. Sweats cannot be absorbed , so it stays on the skin, increasing the risk of cold infection, leading to cough and pneumonia.

Atopic Dermatitis

The structure of the mattress consists of many separate water compartments creating conditions for dirt, bacteria and germs to reside.

Because of the moisture and the structure of the cushion, bacteria grow quickly, easily penetrate into the body, causing skin diseases such as fungi, allergies. People who have sensitive, allergic or immature skin may also be at risk of  dermatitis.

Causing Skeletal Underdevelopment In Children

Children’s skeletal structure is weak and incomplete. Water cushions have a rugged structure because they must contain water storage compartments.

This causes the bones to be compressed, creating a risk of uneven bone growth in children.

Who Can Use?

As the waterbed mattress may come with  many disadvantages as mentioned above, people who are vulnerable like pregnant moms, people with weak immune system, children under 6 years old should not use this type of mattress.

For those who are normally healthy, the time to use a waterbed mattress should also be limited and controlled. You’d better use this mattress to rest and relax in a sunny day 3 hours a day.

In conclusion

Above is some information about the pros and cons of waterbed mattress as well as some advice on  using it. The hot summer may make you annoyed and waterbed mattress can dispel this feeling. However, using it too much may cost you more than the annoying feeling.